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Downed Power Lines & Flooding

Downed Power Lines

If you see downed power lines, treat them as if they are energized. Stay away from the lines and any objects they are touching. Report a downed power line immediately by calling Cleco's customer service line at 1-800-622-6537 or 911.

If a line falls on your car with you inside, stay in the car until help arrives. Do not touch anything outside the car or try to get out. If you must get out, open the door and jump clear of the vehicle without touching the ground and the car at the same time, landing with both feet side by side.

Power Outages

Turn off all appliances, but leave one light on. When power comes back on for an extended period (10 to 15 minutes), turn on your appliances one at a time.


If water is rising near your home or business, turn off electricity at the main breaker. Evacuate and do not return until waters have completely receded. Wait until the water recedes, and have an electrician check the building's wiring before using electricity.

If electrical appliances and equipment have been under water, allow them to dry out and have them checked out by a qualified repair person before using them.

When cleaning up after a flood with equipment like a wet-dry vacuum or a pressure washer, do not allow power cord connections to become wet.