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Electrical Safety at Work

Safety is an important issue everywhere, and the workplace is no different. The following tips will help you stay safe around electricity at work.

  • Any work done, no matter how minor or temporary, should be performed according to all applicable codes and standards.
  • Before a job is started, check electric cords for wear. Never yank, kink or bend cords, and store them loosely coiled in a dry place.
  • Never carry a tool by its cord. And make sure to keep all tools, work areas and storage spaces clean and dry.
  • Personal protective equipment is an essential in the defense against shock or electrical burns. Make sure to keep boots, gloves and other gear in good condition.
  • Don't overload an outlet. Don't use an extension cord as a permanent wiring solution.
  • Don't run a cord under a rug or furniture. It may be damaged or get overheated.
  • If a piece of equipment gives off a mild shock, unusual heat or odd smells, don't use it.
  • Uncoil an extension cord fully before use. Make sure the amperage is adequate.
  • Protect flexible cords and cables from physical damage.
  • Keep slack in flexible cords to prevent tension on electrical terminals.
  • When a fuse operates or circuit breaker trips, determine the reason before replacing or resetting.