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Our Vision and Values

We at Cleco provide a critical product and service to our customers. The following vision and values guide our actions as we fulfill our responsibilities to our customers, our employees, our communities and our stakeholders:

Our Vision:

  • To be the leading energy company in Louisiana

To be the leading company in Louisiana, we must:

  • Bring our customers value by providing energy and related solutions supporting their quality of life, allowing them to be more productive and secure in their daily lives.
  • Transform and safely manage our business with the goal of operational excellence.
  • Partner and invest to help our communities, our state and our company grow.

Our Values:

  • SAFETY:  The safety of our employees and our community comes first.
  • RESPECT:  We embrace diversity and hold our employees, customers, communities and investors in the highest regard.
  • COMMUNITY:  We accept and appreciate the responsibility and significance of our citizenship and contributions for our communities, state and nation.
  • EXCELLENCE:  We will maintain the highest standard of ethics and achieve positive outcomes for our stakeholders.