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Hot Spot Safety Presentation

Hot Spot Safety Demonstration

What has four legs and barks at electrical safety hazards?

It's Hot Spot, Cleco's fun-loving dog, who teaches students to be safe around electricity.

Hot Spot and a team of Cleco employees use an electric simulator that produces 7,620 volts of electricity – the same voltage that travels on electric lines outside a home or business -- to demonstrate hazards resulting from real-life situations. Employees use the electric simulator and props, such as a kite and tree limb, to produce sparks and fire that show the results of unsafe practices around electricity.

The Hot Spot demonstration is fun and packed with information to help keep anyone safe from electricity; however, the program uses curriculum designed for students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.

Cleco's Hot Spot safety program is available through a DVD. If your school or organization is interested in receiving the DVD, Hot Spot workbooks, and free gifts from Hot Spot, contact Cleco's corporate office at (318) 484-7400 and ask for a representative in Investor/Public Relations, or email Hot Spot.

The Shocking Truth

The Shocking Truth is designed for smaller groups – classroom size – and explains the same strong safety messages as our Hot Spot demonstration, but in a different way. The Shocking Truth is an 18-minute DVD that tells a story about two students who reluctantly work together to complete a class assignment on electrical safety.  

By the end of the story, the students learn many ways to be safe around electricity and learn that working together was not as bad as they had expected. This demonstration ends with a Cleco line mechanic allowing students to see and touch protective safety gear and answering questions from the students. The entire presentation lasts approximately 40 minutes.

If your class is interested in this presentation, contact Cleco's corporate office at (318) 484-7400 and ask for a representative in the Corporate Communications department, or email Corporate Communications.