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Outage Map FAQ

Why is my outage longer than the initial estimate?

The first estimate posted is based on a visual evaluation. As crews work to restore power, sometimes they find damage that was not evident in that initial assess

Why is the restoration time changing?

As crews make repairs, if they see it will take longer than the initial estimated time, they make changes. This helps keep customers informed.

How do you calculate the initial estimate?

Crews make the initial estimates based on their visual inspection. Cleco's outage system takes that information and uses historical averages to formulate the estimate that posts on the outage map.

What information can I see on the map?

Triangle icons indicate the location of a specific outage. Since outages can affect varying numbers of Cleco customers, the icons are color coded according to the size of the outage. The color of the icon (shown in the "Legend" tab) indicates how many customers are affected. When zoomed out, localized outages may be grouped together into one multiple outages icon.

Each triangle icon also has information on the customers affected and estimated restoration time. To access this information, hover your mouse pointer over a triangle on the map.

How do I see outages in my area?

Click the zoom (+) in the left corner of the map, and then use the mouse to drag right, left, up or down to navigate to the specific location you want to view. You can also type your address in the "Go to an Address" window on the bottom, left side of the page. Similarly, you can isolate a specific parish by using the "Go to Parish" window on the bottom, left side of the page.

How can I tell when my power will be restored?

 Hover over a triangular outage icon in your area to view more details about the outage, including estimated time of restoration (if known).

When I hover over a multiple outage icon, I see information on the number of outages and customers affected. What is the difference between these?

 The number of outages represents the number of stops a line mechanic must make in order to make repairs. The number of customers represents the number of homes or businesses without power.

How frequently is the information updated?

The information on the map is updated approximately every 5 minutes. The last update is displayed on the "Legend", "Summary" and "Weather" tabs on the left side of the map.

How do I zoom in and zoom out?

In the top left corner of the map, you will see two magnifying glasses. When you click on them, the map will zoom in (+) or zoom out (-). With your mouse over the map, you can also use the scroll feature if the mouse you are using has one.

How do I create a favorite location?

First, isolate your location of interest on the map by either zooming into the location or using the "Go To" function on the bottom, left side of the page to locate a specific address or parish. Select the "Favorites" tab in the bottom, left side of the page, enter a name for this location and click the blue + symbol.

What does "Estimated Restoration" mean? I see it when I hover over an outage on the map.

The Estimated Restoration time is the amount of time we estimate it will take to restore your power. Initially, the time given is a prediction based on historical outage data. As more information becomes available, we may update the estimated restoration time, if needed. If an Estimated Restoration time is not yet available, you will see the words "Evaluating" in the estimated restoration time area.

What is the difference between the "Locations" map view and the "Parish/Zip" map view?

The "Parish/Zip" map view shows all parishes or zip codes with an outage whereas the "Locations" map view shows the specific site of an outage.

Does the map only list Cleco outages?

Yes, the map only reflects Cleco customer outages. For other utilities in your area, please contact them directly to check on any service issues.

When I type my address in the "Go to an Address" window, the map does not zoom in on my address.

 The functionality of the tool does not zoom to that level of detail.

When I type my address in the "Go to an Address" window, the map cannot find my address.

 Cleco outage maps are on the Microsoft Bing Maps platform. While Bing strives to update its address database on a consistent basis, some new developments may take months to show up in the maps.

I don't see an outage symbol near my neighborhood. Where's my outage?

When looking at the map, you may not find an outage indicated directly over your home or business when you are without power. This is because one outage on the map may represent multiple homes and businesses. The map places the outage symbol near the location where the outage originated. Think of the icon as representing the center of an outage: the outage may cover several streets or, in the case of major events, even miles. From the "Locations" view, you can hover over a cluster of triangles to zoom to a lower level of information concerning your outage.

Why can't I see any weather on the map?

In order to see weather on the map, you must first check the "Weather Radar" box on the "Weather" tab. If there is no weather impacting your area, you may need to zoom the map out to see approaching weather. To gauge the movement of any approaching weather, select a speed and click the "Loop" button.

How do I report an outage?

 The easiest way to report an outage is to use the self-service features through MyAccount on Cleco's website. MyAccount allows you to report an outage using your computer, or you can use your mobile device by texting "OUT" to 25326. By signing up for MyAccount, you can also sign up to receive text notifications for outages.  

Customers also can call the customer service toll-free number at 1-800-622-6537 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, except during Cleco-observed holidays. Customers can report an outage anytime by calling 1-800-622-6537 and using the automated outage reporting system.

To learn more about how to report an outage, visit Power Outage FAQ.

Does Cleco know when my power is out?

Not always. To ensure Cleco is certain of all outages, please notify us by using one of the convenient options listed above.

Is the outage map available from my smart phone?

 Yes, outage maps are available on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones, etc. Just go to cleco.com and select the Outage Map button.

 What browsers do I need to view the map?

 We currently support:

  • IE8 and newer versions (on Windows PCs)
  • Firefox 3.6 and newer versions (on Windows PCs)
  • Safari 5 and newer versions (on Mac PCs)
  • Chrome (all desktop and mobile versions)
  • iOS 4.6 Mobile browser and newer versions (some features not available on all versions)
  • Android 2.x Mobile browser (some features not available on all versions)
  • Blackberry 6.0 and newer versions (some features not available on some/all versions)

I am having problems using the outage map. Who can I contact for help?

Please visit the Contact Us page to receive help using the outage map or to report a problem with the outage map.