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Pipeline Safety

What you need to know about Cleco-owned natural gas pipelines

  • Cleco provides natural gas to all Cleco power plants through pipelines that may lie in close proximity to your residence, place of business, or land.
  • Cleco is committed to safely operating those pipelines and to protecting those who live and work along the company's pipeline systems.
  • These pipelines are operated and maintained under the regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • Cleco periodically patrols its pipelines to observe surface conditions and flags its pipelines to prevent damage as required by regulations.

The following could constitute a pipeline emergency:

  • A leaking or ruptured pipeline
  • A weakened or damaged pipeline
  • Gas detected inside or near a building or public area
  • Fire or explosion near or directly involving a pipeline or pipeline facility
  • Loss of ability to deliver to Power Plants

Emergency prevention

  • Pipelines can be damaged from excavation, blasting, drilling, land movement, heavy surface loads, fire or other circumstances.
  • Acts of nature, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, soil erosion, etc.
  • Forty-eight hours before you dig or blast near a pipeline, contact Louisiana One-Call at (800) 272-3020. If it is a Cleco pipeline, we will show you the pipeline location and route.
  • Markers have been placed at pipeline crossings or public roads, railroads, navigable waterways and other locations on our right-of-ways to mark the presence of underground pipelines.

Signs of a gas leak

  • A hissing or roaring sound
  • Any strange or unusual odor in the area of the pipeline
  • Any dense white cloud or fog
  • Frost or ice on the ground
  • A spot of dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green area
  • Flames occurring if the leak has ignited
  • Any sign of blowing dirt
  • Persistent bubbles in water
  • Fire or explosion

Suspect a problem:

  • Turn off your ignition
  • Abandon your equipment
  • Leave the area quickly
  • Warn others
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not start automotive or electronic equipment
  • Do not create any source of ignition
  • Notify Cleco immediately at the phone number listed on the nearby sign

Report a leak

  • Acadia Power Station (877) 772-7191
  • Coughlin Power Station (800) 388-1393
  • Brame Energy Center (800) 465-8052
  • Teche Power Station (866) 862-9482