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Commercial Lighting

Research shows the effective use of outdoor lighting can attract customers and reduce the risk of theft and vandalism.

Cleco can help evaluate your lighting needs and suggest the most efficient lighting scheme, using the latest fixtures designed to produce more light for less money. We also can install the fixtures and maintain them for a low monthly fee.

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Power Quality

Most businesses are aware of the damage lightning induced power spikes or sudden power outages can cause. But minor and less obvious voltage surges that originate in your own facility can be just as damaging by slowly eating away at internal circuitry. These surges can subtly impair equipment, resulting in erratic performance or premature failure. This type of damage can be hard to diagnose and expensive to repair.

Transient voltage surges affect your business every day, and up to 80 percent are caused by internal sources. A transient surge is an over-voltage or over-current, typically lasting microseconds. These can range from only a few volts to more than 20,000 volts with currents in excess of 10,000 amps, and can occur thousands of times per hour in extremely active industrial environments. Sources inside your facility can cause up to 80 percent of transients.

Switching copiers on and off, air conditioning and normal lighting fixtures produce transients. The effects on your system can include semi-conductor degradation, premature failure, downtime, repairs and lost business.

Cleco recommends that you contact a licensed electrician or electrical contractor for assistance with power quality issues.