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Cleco reminds customers to be safe this holiday season

PINEVILLE, La., Dec. 2, 2015 – It is the holiday season and the time of year to resurrect holiday lights and decorations. As families begin to deck the halls and bring new energy to homes, Cleco reminds customers to keep electrical safety a priority.

According to a consumer survey conducted by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety, 86 percent of Americans decorate their homes for the holidays and almost two-thirds of respondents use electric lights indoors and more than half use lighted decorations outside their homes. While holiday lighting and electrical decorations help make the season festive, there is an increased risk of fires and electrical accidents if not used safely.

“It is important customers remember to use electrical equipment safely this holiday season to help avoid accidents and keep the time of year cheerful,” said Mike Joseph, Cleco’s risk manager. “Watch for overhead power lines if you plan to use a ladder to put up outdoor lights and keep yourself and decorations clear from the lines. Avoid placing electrical cords under rugs to prevent wires from overheating and people from tripping.”

Inspect light cords for fraying and make sure all light sockets have bulbs to avoid shock. “Never replace bulbs and fuses unless the light strand is unplugged,” said Joseph. “Be sure to select lights appropriately for decorating and use indoor lights inside and outdoor lights outside. Remember, holiday lights are seasonal and intended to last no more than 90 days at a time.”

To save energy, put lights on timers and use light emitting diode or LED lights that use 80-to-90 percent less energy.

“There is no greater gift you can give your family than a safe holiday,” said Joseph. “Cleco wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.”

Visit Cleco’s website at www.cleco.com for additional holiday safety tips and for more ways to save energy.

Cleco Corporation is a public utility holding company headquartered in Pineville, La. Cleco owns a regulated electric utility company, Cleco Power LLC, which is engaged principally in the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity, primarily in Louisiana. Cleco Power owns 10 generating units with a total nameplate capacity of 3,333 megawatts. Cleco Power serves approximately 286,000 customers in Louisiana through its retail business, and it supplies wholesale power in Louisiana and Mississippi. Cleco Corporation announced on Oct. 20, 2014, that it entered into an agreement to be acquired by a North American investor group led by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets and by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation. Louisiana Public Service Commission approval is pending. For more information about Cleco, visit www.cleco.com.

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