Payment Options

Cleco offers the following options to pay your bill.



Cleco MyAccount

One-Time Payment

Automatic Bank Draft


Payment Locations

Kmart Payment Locations


Billing and Payment

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Fee Free $2.50 Free Postage Free Free
Pay by checking account  
Pay by savings account    
Pay by debit card        
Pay by credit card          
Recurring automatic
payment option
Schedule payment option          
Banking detail stored for future payments        
Paperless billing          


MyAccount Online Billing and Payment

  • Pay online by logging into your MyAccount
  • Receive electronic bills
  • Pay online from a checking or savings account
  • Set up recurring credit card payment
  • Receive and pay bill from secure email    
  • Receive text message and email notifications for bill pay reminders
  • Payments post in one-to-two business days

One-Time Payment through Kubra

  • Pay online with credit card, debit card or electronic check
  • Pay by telephone at (888) 909-4639
  • $2.50 processing fee
  • Cleco account number and customer zip code required each time used


Automatic Bank Draft

  • Receive a bill by U.S. mail showing the amount and when it will be deducted from your bank account
  • Payment posts on the bill's due date
  • To enroll, call Cleco at 1-800-622-6537
  • Click here to view the terms and conditions for automatic bank draft.


  • Include the bottom portion of your bill
  • Write your Cleco account number on the check
  • Allow 3-5 days for processing
  • Send payments to:
          Cleco Power LLC
          P.O. Box 660228
          Dallas, TX  75266-0228

Payment Locations

  • Pay at an authorized payment center
  • Cleco notified of payments 24/7
  • Click here to view a map of payment locations, including Cleco customer service offices



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