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AC/Heating Systems
How can I save money with my old air conditioner? How much of my energy bill comes from heating and cooling my home? Is it time to upgrade my heating and cooling system? Get these and many more questions answered!
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Appliances (other than AC/Heat)
Do small appliances really use that much energy? How do I know if my larger appliances are efficient? What can I do to make them more efficient? Ask all of your appliance-related questions here!
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How much power do my electronics use? What is phantom energy? Are there ways I can save money related to electronics in my home?
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Can insulation help you save money on your energy bill? What types of insulation are available? How hard is it to install insulation? Have all of your insulation questions answered!
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How much of my energy bill is from lighting? What is a CFL and how can it help me save money? Learn about lighting and what you can do to save energy and money!
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New Home / Power Miser
Have questions about building a new home? Want to learn how to have your home certified as a Power Miser home? You've come to the right place!
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How much air flow should move through my home? I have an old house. Is there any hope that I can weatherize and save on my bill?
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