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Small businesses powered by Cleco Power can apply for a new Power Wise™ energy savings program beginning February 2022. Qualified customers will receive a complimentary business kit filled with energy-saving products that include Energy Star® LED bulbs, low flow faucet aerators, and a red exit retrofit kit for their office or business. Complete the form below!

Residential customers - go here for ways to become more energy efficient and not waste energy at home. 

Cleco Power Wise Business Kit Rebate

Application Form

Can be found on your bill in the Billing Details section.

Business Information

Kit Contents

Each Business Kit contains one (1) Exit Sign, two (2) 9W A19 LEDs, two (2) 9W BR30 LEDs, and two (2) 1.0 gpm Faucet Aerators. One kit per location. Once the Cleco customer is qualified as eligible, the kit will be delivered by a Cleco approved commercial contractor. Program funding is limited, and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Offerings are subject to change without notice. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Kit Savings

 Measure Qty Average per-unit kWh Savings Average per-unit kW Savings
 Exit Sign 1 220 0.03
 9W-A19 LED 2 165 0.03
 9W-BR20 LED 2 247 0.04
 1.0 GPA aerator 2 733 0.23


By clicking submit, the purchaser acknowledges that the equipment will be installed at the site listed here and authorizes Cleco and its representatives to perform phone surveys or onsite quality assurance inspections before, during and after the work is performed to verify rebate eligibility. For more information about this and other energy efficiency programs, visit or email [email protected].  This offer is exclusive to Cleco commercial customers.