Storm update and restoration information

How to use Cleco's outage map

At times, severe weather can cause power outages. When storms strike, we work hard to restore power to our customers as quickly and safely as possible.

Use Cleco's Outage Map to gain 24/7 access to real-time power outage information including maps and estimates of when power will be restored. The tool is accessible from personal computers and mobile devices. It also is easy to get outage updates delivered right to your mobile phone via text message.

Follow these easy instructions to see outage and restoration information on the outage map:

  • Triangle icons indicate the location of a specific outage. Hover over a triangular outage icon in your area to view more details about the outage, including the number of customers affected and the estimated time of restoration (if known).
  • To navigate to the specific location you want to view, click the zoom (+) in the left corner of the map and then use the map to drag right, left, up or down. 
  • You also can type your address in the "Go to an Address" window on the bottom, left side of the page.
  • To see weather on the map, check the "Weather Radar" box on the "Weather" tab. If there is no weather impacting your area, you may need to zoom the map out to see approaching weather.
  • For more information on how to use Cleco's Outage Map, click on the Outage Map FAQ.