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"I believe that investments like this one which reduces existing energy emissions are even more critical than anything else that we could do because they're gonna have a positive impact much much sooner, and they stimulate economic activity, create jobs, and they create jobs right here in rural areas where they're needed the most."

- Former Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

"Diamond Vault is about engineering a way to help decarbonize energy production in a state that's built its economy around carbon."

- Bill Fontenot, Cleco President and CEO

"We are embracing the future through this project which is so important for Cleco, but I would argue it is important for the state, nation, and the world.

- Senator Bill Cassidy

About Project Diamond Vault


CO2 V4

It is Cleco’s policy to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner. This responsibility includes compliance with environmental laws and regulations to protect public health and the environment.

Environmental Permitting


  • How do I provide feedback on Project Diamond Vault?

    Please call 1-833-335-2612 or email [email protected]
  • What is the timing for the project?

    The FEED study has begun and is expected to be completed by year-end 2024. 
  • How much will Project Diamond Vault cost?

    The FEED study will include confirmation and finalization of all Diamond Vault operating and capital costs, as well as operational performance which will support revenue estimations to determine if costs are properly covered to support the investment. 

  • Why is the Project called Diamond Vault?

    It’s a metaphor. Diamonds are precious jewels made deep within the earth. Project Diamond Vault won’t literally make diamonds. But we do believe that gathering and sequestering carbon in geological vaults directly below the Brame Energy Center will have precious value to Cleco, our customers, and the state of Louisiana as a whole.

    To us, the project is a diamond.

How can I provide feedback and ask questions?

Contact us:

Phone: 1-833-335-2612
Email: [email protected]