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If you will encroach on Cleco's facilities and within Cleco's rights of way, you must first obtain a Letter of No Objection from Cleco. Failure to do so prior to beginning construction will result in legal action to protect facilities from damage.

To apply for a Letter of No Objection, you must fill out the appropriate form below and remit it to Cleco along with detailed plans of your project including exact location, type of installation and detailed specifications of proposed activities.

To encroach on a waterline, please submit your plans and the Waterline Permit.

To encroach on any other Cleco property, please submit your plans and the General Encroachment application.

Send the appropriate permit information to:

Cleco Power LLC
P.O. Box 5000
Pineville, La. 71361-5000
Right of Way & Real Estate
Attn: Violet Parker
[email protected]