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History of Philanthropic Involvement

Cleco Power has a long history of philanthropic involvement across our 24-parish service territory. As a Louisiana company, Cleco Power is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. Our community investment priorities include STEM programming, education, youth programming, health and wellness, low income, diversity and causes that our employees support.



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Communities energize us!

Supported 600 organizations in 2023.

Cleco's 2023 Volunteer recap!

Cleco employees completed over 4,700 volunteer hours in 2023.

Cleco enhances Eunice Community Garden for Eunice patrons

Cleco cleans up Eunice Community Garden for Done in a Day.

Unable to find your organization?

If you are unable to find your organization, visit this help page for instructions on registering with Benevity.

How to register with Benevity about Unable to find your organization?

Additional Assistance

For additional assistance, you can submit a request through Benevity with the link below.

Submit a request through Benevity about Additional Assistance

We strongly invite you to enroll your organization in Benevity’s Causes Portal which helps organizations access support from hundreds of corporate giving, volunteering and grant making programs. Enrollment also allows electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments, so you receive donations faster and build a profile that makes it easier for Cleco, its employees and at other like-minded companies to find your organization and support your cause. You'll be connecting your nonprofit to corporate giving, granting and volunteering opportunities at Cleco and beyond.