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Hurricane Hardening

Cleco Power installs $312 million in equipment 
to upgrade transmission system in hurricane-prone region

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  • Cleco Power spent a total of $312 million on upgrades which included the most modern equipment – higher voltage transmission lines, structures that can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 130 mph, four new substations and other necessary equipment.
  • The upgrades were completed in three phases. The construction work for phase one began in 2010, and the various upgrades continued until the completion of phase three in 2021.
  • By completing the upgrades in phases, the company was able to control expenses.

  • With all three phases of the project complete, Cleco Power now has multiple interconnected transmission lines in the southern portion of its service territory that can withstand hurricane-force winds and meet customers’ growing power needs. 

  • Cleco Power’s entire transmission system also is stronger and more reliable. 

  • The company’s transmission planning group will continue to evaluate grid conditions and produce long-term forecasts of electrical demand to ensure safe delivery of power to customers.



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Picture of Terrebonne-BVS (6)

Steel poles for the 230-kV line from Terrebonne Substation near Houma, La. to Bayou Vista Substation in Bayou Vista, La.

Picture of Terrebonne-BVS (4)

One of the new steel transmission structures built during project.  The largest structures are approximately 239-feet tall, the equivalent of a 22-story building.

Picture of Bayou Vista-Segura 2

Transmission structures for the 230-kV transmission line from Bayou Vista Substation in Bayou Vista, La. to Segura Substation near New Iberia, La.

Picture of Caneland Substation

Phase 3 included the building of a new 230-kV substation called Caneland in Baldwin, La.  Cleco Power built four new substations as part of the transmission system upgrades.  

Picture of Terrebonne-BVS (10)

A heavy-lift helicopter, the Erickson Air Crane, was used to set the poles for the transmission structures which were built in sections.