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Cleco offers tips to keep everyone safe this Mardi Gras season

Mardi Gras Safety 2023
Feb 9, 2023

Whether you’re after big beads, candy or swag, it’s important to follow these safety tips before your krewe hits the parade routes this Mardi Gras season.

“Customers across Louisiana are celebrating Mardi Gras this month, and being aware of the potential hazards associated with the season can ensure that everyone stays safe and has fun,” said Maile Murray, director of environmental, health and safety for Cleco. “Never try to retrieve beads or items that are on or near power lines. Electricity is always looking for a path to the ground; it can travel through you or something that you are touching, like a tree or ladder.”

Remember the following electrical safety tips during Mardi Gras:
- Don’t throw or hang beads or other items on power lines.
- Don’t attempt to retrieve beads and other giveaways hanging on or near power lines.
- Never touch a power line directly or use an object such as a stick to touch a power line.
- Don’t climb utility poles or trees to get a better view of the floats in a parade.
- Avoid pushing long-handled nets into overhead power lines.
- Be careful when climbing ladders on the parade route. Always be aware of what’s above and around you.