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Cleco employees spend the day volunteering at Slidell Animal Control

Jun 13, 2024

Employees spent the day at Slidell Animal Control caring for animals as part of the company’s Done in a Day volunteer program.

Through the Done in a Day program, Cleco employees volunteer with Louisiana non-profit organizations who request assistance with a project that can be completed in one day or a few hours.

Slidell Animal Control houses and cares for animals picked up by animal control officers or dropped off by citizens. Through a partnership with the Animal Assistance League, Slidell Animal Control tries to find homes for the animals and works to educate the public on the safe and humane treatment of animals. Currently, Slidell Animal Control has 28 dogs and 10 cats available for adoption.

“Cleco volunteers helped walk and wash dogs, preparing them for their new families,” said Brooke Buford, communications strategist at Cleco and Done in a Day program coordinator.

“We try to get the dogs out every day, and it takes volunteers to do that – even in the hottest parts of the summer and coldest parts of the winter,” said Brenda Guidry, Vice President of the Animal Assistance League. “We also want to socialize the cats; we want to spend time petting them and playing with them. It’s all volunteers.”

To learn more about Slidell Animal Control and how you can adopt a pet, visit or call 985-646-4267.