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Cleco is committed to building a diverse work force and creating an inclusive work environment.

For Cleco, diversity is the representation of many different types of employees. When people think of diversity, they often think of demographics like race or gender. However, diversity is much more than that. Diversity includes characteristics such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, experiences, education, values, backgrounds, ideas and knowledge from various groups in our workplace.

To us, inclusion means valuing, understanding, respecting and allowing these diverse voices to contribute a perspective not yet considered. When you proactively pursue both diversity and inclusion, the outcome will almost always lead to new discoveries, more creativity and solutions to problems that benefit everyone.

D&I Goals


Diversified Workforce

Utilize inclusive hiring and development practices
to attract and retain a diverse workforce.

Embrace Diversity

Value differences and
embrace diverse perspectives.


Employees Welcome

Create an inclusive environment where every 
employee feels welcomed and respected.

Diverse Suppliers

          Broaden our diverse networking partnerships 
in the communities we serve.

Cleco Announces its Power of a Promise Scholarship

In October 2020, Cleco announced its new Power of a Promise Scholarship which includes full tuition, books, a stipend for incidentals and a paid internship at the company’s Brame Energy Center near Boyce, La.

The Power of a Promise Scholarship is part of Cleco’s $1.0 million commitment to Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC) to help fund training, curriculum development and scholarships.  The scholarship also is designed to help economically disadvantaged, female and minority students who plan to attend CLTCC in Alexandria.

“While Cleco has funded and continues to fund different types of scholarships to help students from all backgrounds, this scholarship is part of our commitment to build a diverse workforce and create an inclusive work environment,” said Normanique Preston, chief human resources and diversity officer.  “A percentage of our donation to CLTCC will be used to award diversity scholarships to minority students which will create educational opportunities for women and other under-represented populations whose total household income is at or below the poverty level, provide hands-on training for successful entry into the workforce and provide a path to rewarding careers with competitive salaries.”

Cleco Wins Procter & Gamble Diversity and Inclusion Award

Cleco was honored with the Procter & Gamble Diversity and Inclusion Award at the 2020 Bizzy awards hosted by the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce.  The Bizzy's recognize businesses, nonprofits and individuals in the region who imagine, design, invest, build and provide quality jobs.

Procter & Gamble established the award in 2020 and chose Cleco as its first recipient.  

“This is a new award in the Bizzy competition, and it was an honor to present it to Cleco and recognize their commitment to diversity and inclusion in our community,” said Taylan Uras, Alexandria plant manager for Procter & Gamble.  

“On behalf of Cleco, I would like to thank Proctor & Gamble for highlighting our diversity and inclusion efforts,” said Normanique Preston, chief human resources and diversity officer.  “We’re committed to hiring diverse employees and building an inclusive work environment because we believe this strategy will lead to better employee engagement, more innovation and higher customer satisfaction, all of which will make Cleco an even stronger company.”

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