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Industrial Electrification means to use electricity as the primary source of power for industrial business equipment, processes and systems. Whether it’s converting a gas compressor’s internal combustion engine to an electric motor or replacing a diesel-powered machine with electric-powered machine, Cleco is available to help commercial customers, large and small, electrify their infrastructure.

Examples of Industrial Electrification is possible across all types of industries – oil and gas, agricultural, manufacturing and transportation and others. Examples include using electric motors for pumps and compressors, drilling rigs and offshore platforms, tractors, harvesters, plows, irrigation systems, conveyor systems, machines, forklifts, cranes, cars, buses, trucks, trains and much more.

When businesses transition from non-electric motors to electric-driven ones, they can expect economic and environmental benefits. There’s less maintenance work which lowers operating costs. Electric motors are more efficient than motors that use fossil fuel energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas leading to better efficiency. They also produce fewer emissions and help businesses meet their emission reduction goals.

Benefits of Industrial Electrification

Lower Operating Costs


Improve Efficiency


Fewer Emissions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some examples of Industrial Electrification?

    Pretty much anything that requires energy can be made to operate using electricity. Examples include pumps, compressors, drilling rigs, offshore platforms, tractors, harvesters, plows, irrigation and conveyor systems, vehicles and more.
  • What’s the process for converting an internal combustion engine to an electric motor?

    An evaluation of the existing internal combustion engine in needed for the conversion, along with energy and operational requirements. The evaluation will also determine if any additional electrical infrastructure is necessary, including power lines, transformers and switchgear. Cleco industrial account representatives will develop a plan that explains the modifications, the new electric motor, costs, timeframe and benefits to ensure a successful conversion to electric power.
  • Are businesses moving toward Industrial Electrification?

    Interest and movement toward Industrial Electrification is growing in various industries primarily due to the economic and environmental benefits and evolving technology. This growth will likely continue due to the tax credits from federal Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 as well as global efforts to protect the plant and transition to more sustainable energy sources.

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