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Save money + the planet with clean, electrified technologies.

For Cleco, the movement to “electrify everything” is about replacing fossil-fuel energy sources like coal, oil and natural gas with electricity generated from renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When you adopt clean, all-electric technologies, you save energy and money all while removing emissions and sustaining Louisiana and the planet. This means rethinking how you power your business, fuel your car, heat your home and more.

Start your all-electric future with incentives and money-saving rebates from Cleco!


Industrial Electrification

Electrify your industrial processes to reduce emissions, decrease maintenance costs and improve overall efficiency.  This includes new and existing gas compression stations and replacement of non-electric motors with electric‑driven ones.

Industrial Electrification  Details

Residential EVs

Switching to an electric vehicle (EV) can save you 30% to 60% in gasoline costs and reduce emissions. Cleco has a $250 incentive to help you drive toward a greener, cleaner future!

Residential EV Details

Commercial EVs & Public Charging Stations

Incorporating EVs into your commercial and fleet operations can lower fuel and maintenance costs and help you achieve your sustainability goals. Cleco has up to $3,500 in incentives to help you modernize your assets.

Commercial EV Details

Green Tariffs

Cleco is collaborating with the Louisiana Public Service Commission to incorporate green tariff programs into our energy rates.  This will help commercial and industrial customers choose how much of their power comes from renewable energy.

Green Tariffs Details

Residential Heat Pumps

This all-in-one solution saves energy while heating and cooling your home.  Whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade, Cleco offers rebates to make heating and cooling your home more affordable than ever!

Residential Heat Pump Details

Save money and create a cleaner Louisiana for generations to come.

Combining Sustainability With Affordability


Cleco Power hosts ride and drive expo to showcase advancements in EV technology

“The adoption of EVs is an electrification initiative that supports sustainability, and we’re seeing a growing focus on electrification across multiple industries, including the energy, transportation and industrial industries,” said Shane Hilton, president of Cleco Power. “Electrification will cut emissions and help us decarbonize.”

A Cleco customer will emit 50 percent less vehicle lifetime emissions when driving a battery electric vehicle compared to an internal combustion model, all while spending 40 to 60 percent less on fuel. The transition to EVs will deliver immediate and significant net emission and economic benefits.

“Sustainability is driving decarbonization. When we are more sustainable, we can meet current needs as well as protect the planet for future generations, which includes Louisiana families,” said Hilton.

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