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  • How can I find out when my power will come back on after an outage?

    To check on power restoration, register for MyAccount and receive text notifications on your phone (text STAT to 69378), view the outage map on Cleco’s website, go to Cleco’s Facebook page @ClecoPower or call customer service at 1-800-622-6537.
  • Why does the restoration time change?

    When making repairs, if crews see it will take longer than the initial estimated time, they update the time, which helps keep customers informed.
  • How do you calculate the initial estimate?

    Cleco's outage system uses historical averages to formulate the initial estimate you see on the outage map.
  • What information can I see on the outage map?

    The outage map is available anytime not just during storms and is for informational purposes only. Where there’s an outage on Cleco’s system, you can see approximate restoration times; however, times are not guaranteed.

    When you access the outage map, you will see circular colored icons (see “Legend”) which indicate the location of a specific outage. Since outages can affect varying numbers of Cleco customers, the icons are color coded according to the size of the outage.

    When there’s an outage, the appropriate icon will be positioned in the affected area on the map. Click on the icon on the map to see the number of customers affected and estimated restoration date and time. When zoomed out, localized outages may be grouped together into one multiple outages icon.

    There also is an option to see power outages by parish and zip code when you click on “Outage List" next to the address search bar.

  • How do I zoom in and zoom out?

    In the bottom right corner of the map, click on the zoom in (+) or zoom out (-) buttons. With your mouse over the map, you also can use the scroll wheel if the mouse you are using has one.
  • How can I see outages in my area?

    Use the mouse to drag right, left, up or down to navigate to the specific location you want to view and click “+” button in the bottom right corner of the map or use the mouse scroll wheel. You also can search for your address by using the “Search” bar in the upper-left corner of the map.
  • How can I tell when my power will be restored?

    Click on the outage icon on the map in your area to view details about the outage, including date and estimated time of restoration (if known).
  • When I click on a multiple outage icon, I see information on the number of outages and customers affected. What is the difference between these?

    The number of outages represents the number of stops a line mechanic must make in order to make repairs. The number of customers represents the number of homes or businesses without power.
  • How frequently is the information updated?

    The information on the map is updated approximately every five minutes.
  • What does "Estimated Restoration" mean? I see it when I click on an outage icon on the map.

    The Estimated Restoration time is the amount of time we estimate it will take to restore your power. Initially, the time given is a prediction based on historical outage data. As more information becomes available, we may update the estimated restoration time, if needed. If an Estimated Restoration time is not yet available, you will see the words "Evaluating" in the estimated restoration time area.
  • What is the difference between the "Parish and Zip Code" outage list view?

    The "Parish and Zip" outage list views show outages by parish and zip code, including customers affected, customers served and percentage of customers affected.
  • Does the map only list Cleco outages?

    Yes, the map only shows Cleco customer outages. For other utilities in your area, please contact them directly to check on power outages.
  • I don't see an outage symbol near my neighborhood. Where's my outage?

    When looking at the map, you may not find an outage indicated directly over your home or business when you are without power. This is because one outage on the map may represent multiple homes and businesses. The map places the outage symbol near the location where the outage originated. Think of the icon as representing the center of an outage: the outage may cover several streets, or in the case of major events, even miles. From the "Locations" view, you can click on a cluster of icons to zoom to a lower level of information concerning your outage.
  • Why can't I see any weather on the map?

    In order to see weather on the map, you must click the "Weather” option on the left side of the outage map. If there is no weather impacting your area, you may need to zoom the map out to see approaching weather. To gauge the movement of any approaching weather check the “Loop” box.
  • Is the outage map available from my smart phone?

    Yes, outage maps are available on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones, etc. Just go to and select the Storm Center page.
  • Who can I contact for help if I’m having problems using the outage map?

    Please use our Contact Us form to email or direct message us on Facebook at @ClecoPower or call Cleco customer service at 1-800-622-6537.
  • When I type my address in the "Go to an Address" window, the map cannot find my address.

    Cleco’s outage map uses Google Maps. While Google strives to update its address database on a consistent basis, some new developments may take months to show up in the maps.