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  • How do I report an outage or other electric emergency?

    The easiest way to report an outage is to use the self-service features in MyAccount. Registered MyAccount users can report an outage online using a computer, or mobile device by texting "OUT" to 69378. Through MyAccount, users can opt to receive text notifications for outages.

    Customers also can call Cleco customer service at 1-800-622-6537 to report an outage using the automated outage reporting system.

  • Why do I sometimes get your automated system when I report my outage?

    When our call volume is high such as during major storms, the automated system helps customers report their outage without getting a busy signal, and it reduces the amount of time customers stay on hold. If you contact Cleco’s call center after regular business hours, which are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, you will get our automated phone system. However, staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take reports of power outages and other electric emergencies.
  • Does Cleco know when my power is out?

    Not always. To ensure Cleco is aware of all outages, please notify us by using one of the options listed above.
  • How does Cleco restore power?

    • Safety is a priority in everything Cleco does. Once conditions are safe, our lines are patrolled to assess damage by land and/or air.
    • Next, our transmission and distribution lines are inspected. Transmission lines have to be inspected and repaired first. These lines are critical because they carry power from our generating plants. Once our transmission equipment is repaired, we work on our distribution lines. These are the lines that carry power to homes and businesses. The level of damage to our transmission and distribution lines varies with each storm.
    • Power is then restored to critical community services first, such as nursing homes, hospitals, police departments, etc.
    • Power is then restored to the greatest number of customers in the shortest amount of time until power is restored to all customers who can receive power.
  • What do we mean by the statement, “power has been restored to all customers who can receive it?”

    After a storm, there are times when customers cannot receive power because of damage to the equipment required to deliver electricity such as damage to the customer’s meter base (metal box that houses the meter) or fuse box (box that houses circuit breakers/fuses and all the wiring for the home/business).
  • How can trees affect my power?

    Most power outages are caused by storms, lightning, flooding, wind, fallen trees/tree limbs, animals such as squirrels and vehicle accidents. For Cleco, the leading cause of power outages is tree contact with our power lines. Trees and tree limbs tear down power lines. Branches from nearby trees often fall onto our power lines or damage utility poles especially overgrown trees outside of Cleco’s right-of-way. To provide safe, reliable service to customers, Cleco trims and maintains trees near its power lines on a regular basis.
  • What should I do if I see a tree and a power line on the ground?

    Downed power lines should always be treated as if they are energized. Stay Away from Downed Lines. Never touch a downed line or anything touching a downed line. Our customer service personnel will prepare an emergency service order for the downed power line. If the downed power line starts a fire, you should call 911 immediately.

    If the power line is on your car with you inside, stay in the car until help arrives. Do not touch anything outside the car or try to get out. If you must get out, open the door and jump clear of the vehicle without touching the ground and the car at the same time, landing with both feet side by side. Then shuffle your feet away from the area – never picking up your feet from the ground.
  • I haven’t seen any Cleco trucks in my neighborhood.

    The cause of power outages varies especially after a storm. The problem could be several miles away from your home or business or in someone’s back yard a few blocks away or at a substation a few miles away. Other times, the damage causing the outage is located in areas that are only accessible by specialized equipment like three wheelers and/or boats. In these instances, you wouldn't see any Cleco trucks. We assure you crews are working as safely and quickly as possible to restore power.
  • Why would a Cleco truck pass by my house without stopping to restore my electricity?

    If a Cleco truck passes your home without stopping, it is likely because work must be performed at a nearby location such as a substation before your service can be restored. It’s also possible that personnel in the truck passing your home is assessing damage in your neighborhood.
  • Why are Cleco and contractor trucks parked at a restaurant, hotel or on the side of the road?

    Parked trucks could belong to workers who worked through the night and are sleeping. At times, contractors/mutual assistance workers will bring in extra trucks and will park them elsewhere when working in congested areas to limit the amount of equipment in the area. Workers also may ride together leaving vehicles at restaurants, hotels and staging areas or sit in their trucks to get directions and instructions for their next job assignment.
  • What should I do if my power is out overnight?

    While it’s always our goal to restore power to all customers on the same day after a storm, that’s not always possible. Because power outages can cause food to spoil, contaminate water and disrupt the use of medical equipment, phone communications, transportation, access to grocery stores, gas stations, ATMs/banks and other services, it is highly recommended that customers have a plan in place in case of a power outage especially an overnight outage. The plan could be to relocate to a location with electricity or install a portable generator or battery backup on important electrical devices.

    Customers with medical conditions in which the loss of electricity would be detrimental to their health should complete a critical care customer registration form and get it signed by a physician. While your condition will be added to your account, Cleco can never guarantee that you won’t lose electricity or provide a specific restoration time.

  • What if I’m the only one on my street without power?

    When your power is out and your neighbors still have power, a tripped breaker or blown fuse may be the cause. To reset tripped breakers, push the switch to "off" then "on." Also check fuses to see if they've blown. If so, they must be replaced. If your breaker or fuse continues to trip or fail, contact a licensed electrician. If your breaker seems to be in order, notify Cleco of your outage Cleco customer service at 1-800-622-6537.