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That's Watt Matters.
From assessing your home’s energy efficiency to averaging your energy costs, Cleco has pointers and products to help reduce your energy usage and your monthly energy bills!

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Don't Lose your cool!

Keep it in!

Weatherize your home.

From floor to “sealing,” Cleco Power Wise™ professionals can conduct an on-site weatherization assessment that can make your home more energy efficient and cozy.

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Swap out and save!

Replace it!

Use energy-efficient products.

Replacing outdated devices with energy-efficient thermostats, power strips, water aerators, smart sockets and LED light bulbs helps bring your home into the 21st century, AND lowers your energy consumption.

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Small things can make a big impact

Turn it off!

Stop wasting energy.

Your dad was right, turn off the light! Turning off lights when you leave a room actually makes a difference! Take the online home energy audit to identify areas of your home where energy is being wasted.

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ThoSE idle KWHS add up!

Unplug it!

Stop idle appliance usage.

Did you know that the toaster you only use on Saturdays uses energy all week?! Unplug it or get an advanced power strip that stops idle appliance usage.

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Looking for media resources? Find footage, expert interviews and Watt Matters content here!

Watt Matters Resources

Manage your bills YEAR Round

Budget for it!

Receive more predictable bills from Cleco.

Budget Billing eliminates the highs and lows in monthly bills, and the end result is a more predictable monthly bill. Knowing what to expect each month helps with other expenses.

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Commercial customers: Learn how to reduce energy at your business.

Power Wise™ Commercial Program