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That’s Watt Matters.

Being energy efficient makes sense (and saves cents) for your home! From simple habit changes, like turning off unused appliances, to taking a more active role in monitoring your regular energy usage, there are so many ways to take care of Watt Matters!

Manage It

Receiving a predictable monthly bill is Watt Matters.

Prevent the uncertainty of monthly energy bills with Cleco’s Budget Billing Program. You’ll pay approximately the same amount each month, which allows you to maximize your monthly budgeting power.

Save It

Finding ways to save energy and money is Watt Matters.

While small changes—such as using your ceiling fan, turning off and unplugging unused appliances and switching to LED lights—can seem trivial, these little things can add up to big savings.

Know It

Taking charge of your energy usage is Watt Matters.

With MyAccount, you can access your current and projected energy usage to make decisions for your household. Stay informed by setting up daily email and text alerts within your MyAccount profile.

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Media Resources

Looking for media resources? Find Watt Matters content here!

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Commercial Customers

Commercial customers: Learn how to reduce your business' energy usage.