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Cleco Energy Efficiency Programs For Your Home

Cleco offers programs tailored to your home-energy needs. Cleco residential customers can also receive cash incentives and rebates to help improve the efficiency of their home. 
Our residential programs include:
Residential Solutions 
The Cleco Residential Solutions Program provides residential customers with the opportunity to make home energy improvements that will result in reduced energy bills. The program provides instant rebates and offers insulation, HVAC and heat pump replacements, air infiltration sealing, and more.
To learn more about the program, read our program overview  or contact us at 1-877-662-4047.     
CoolSaver Program 
The CoolSaver A/C Tune-up Program is designed to identify air conditioning and heat pump system inefficiencies during the tune-up.  Up to $150 incentive rebates are offered toward the cost of a CoolSaver A/C Tune-up, and incentives are also available for air conditioner and heat pump replacements.  CoolSaver A/C Tune-ups are available on a seasonal basis. 
To learn more about the program, contact us at 1-877-662-4047.

Lighting and Appliance Program 
Cleco offers instant and mail-in rebates on select energy efficient lightbulbs and appliances. Cleco customers can receive instant discounts on qualifying lightbulbs at participating retail locations, and mail-in rebates are also available for qualifying appliances. Available on a seasonal basis.  Rebate forms must be complete when submitted to qualify for rebates. 
     Appliance mail-in rebate forms:  
Cleco Participating Contractors 
Please contact these Cleco Participating Contractors to have the following energy improvements performed. Cleco does not set prices for participating contractor services.  We encourage you to get multiple estimates for work performed.  
For a downloadable PDF of the Participating Contractors list, please click here.  
The selection of a Participating Company to perform the work is the sole decision of the property owner or authorized Lessee/Occupant. Inclusion of a participating Company to perform work does not represent an endorsement by Cleco LLC or CLEAResult of any product, individual, or company.  Work performed by Participating Companies is not guaranteed or subject to any warranty, either expressed or implied by either Cleco LLC or CLEAResult.  Neither Cleco LLC nor CLEAResult make any guarantee or any other representation as to the quality, cost, or provide the effectiveness of the products provided, work performed by any Participating Company or by its employees subcontractors or suppliers.  

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