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Energy Emergency Deferred Billing Program FAQ

What is Cleco's Energy Emergency Deferred Billing Program?

It's a program that allows eligible Cleco customers to defer an excess portion of their electric bill spread over a period of up to 12 months, depending on the amount, during a Louisiana Public Service Commission-declared energy emergency.

How much of my bill can be deferred?

The amount deferred would be the amount in excess of your Cleco bill for the same period last year. The amount must be at least $20.00 more than last year's bill to qualify for deferral. For example, let's say the declared emergency was for the month of November, and your bill for last November was $100.00. As long as your bill for this year is at least $140.00, you could defer the amount over the $100.00. You would still be required to pay $100.00 at your regular due date. So, basically, you would be responsible for paying the amount paid last November, or $100, on the regular bill due date. The amount greater than the $100.00 could be deferred and paid in installments over a period up to 12 months.

How does a customer apply?

Bring a Cleco bill, along with proof that establishes you as a member of one of the eligible groups to your area community action agency. You will fill out a form, and eligibility will be verified by the agency and forwarded to Cleco. If you are currently certified as a Cleco critical care customer, you will only need to sign the form to initiate your participation in the program.

I am enrolled in Cleco's Budget Pay Program. How will that be affected if I sign up for this?

If you are already on Cleco's Budget Pay Plan, you have an advantage over this temporary plan. Budget Pay levelizes your entire bill over a 12-month period. The Energy Emergency Deferred Billing Program only considers the portion of your bill for the period of time declared as an energy emergency. If you are enrolled in Cleco's Budget Pay Plan and wish to take advantage of the energy emergency deferment, you must first terminate your enrollment in the Budget Pay Plan. At that time, you would be responsible for paying any accumulated amount owed.