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Teche Power Station

Background Image: Teche Power Station
Baldwin, St. Mary Parish
Plant Type: Steam and Simple Cycle GT
Fuel Source: Natural Gas
Total Nameplate Capacity: 392 megawatts
Teche sits on approximately 45 acres of land. The plant consists of four units, two of which are retired.

Unit 1, completed in 1954, was retired in Sept. 2016. Unit 2, completed in 1956, was retired in Dec. 2011.

Unit 3, completed in 1971, is fueled by natural gas and produces 359 megawatts.  Unit 4, completed in 2011, is a 33-megawatt natural gas blackstart generating unit. This unit will enable the company to restore its generation system quickly in the event of a total system shutdown. 

Cleco Power owns and operates a total of 392 MWs at Teche.