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Cleco is actively working with the Louisiana Public Service Commission to develop a Green Tariff program.  A Green Tariff is a pricing structure for electricity generated from renewable energy sources, either from a project owned by Cleco or an independent supplier.  Renewable energy purchasing options are voluntary.  When implemented, they will be available to residential, commercial and industrial customers.  Renewable energy is energy from natural sources that is automatically replenished.  Examples include solar, wind, hydropower, biomass and geothermal energy that have minimal or no environmental impact.  

By entering into a Green Tariff agreement with Cleco, customers can meet their sustainability goals and support the transition to a cleaner energy future while keeping costs low.  Green Tariff options can open a world of opportunities for all Cleco customers.  By opting for this type of tariff, customers can fuel their operations with renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping Cleco build a greener and more sustainable future.

Benefits of Green Tariffs


Meet Sustainability Targets

Predictable Pricing

Generate Green and Non-Green Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who approves and regulates Green Tariffs?

    The Louisiana Public Service Commission oversees all green tariff activity in the state of Louisiana.
  • When will Green Tariff options be available to Cleco customers?

    Cleco is working with the Louisiana Public Service Commission but does not have an exact date on when Green Tariff options will be available. Stay tuned for availability and enrollment details.

  • Who is eligible for a Green Tariff?

    When implemented, Cleco’s Green Tariffs energy rates will be available to residential, commercial and industrial customers.  

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