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Interested in becoming a Cleco-approved contractor for one or more of Cleco’s energy efficiency program offerings? Contractors can leverage Cleco Power Wise™ cash incentives to gain new customers and maximize projects with additional energy savings. 

Complete the form below, and a member of our team will get back with you shortly.

Questions? Email [email protected] or call 833-373-6842.

Cleco Power Wise Contractor Application/Interest Form

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Provide your company's tax identification number to determine if this company already has a profile created. Tax ID should be input as nine digits without hyphens.

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Disclosure of any legal judgements entered against Market Actor in the previous two years, as well as a current list of pending litigation filed by or against Market Actor.

Applicable licenses for those performing the work (including issuing agencies and license numbers).

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Please upload a copy of your W-9.

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Please upload a copy of your Certificate of Insurance with Cleco Power LLC as the additional insured. Minimum required coverage is $1 million for general liability, automobile liability, and employer's liability and $500,000 for worker's comp.

Best Practices Installation Standards
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