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Residential Home Audit Weatherization Program
Residential Cleco customers can schedule a free home energy audit to improve their home's comfort level and energy performance.

  • How do I sign up for a home energy audit? 
    Sign up by contacting a Residential Market Actors.
  • How much does a home energy audit cost?
    The assessment of the home is paid for by Cleco Power. Once the assessment has been completed, the contractor will notify you of which measures you are eligible for at no cost to you.  Any items that require payment, must be approved by the customer before work can begin.
  • What happens after I sign up/when will the home energy audit be conducted?
    Scheduling is based on the contractor's availability. 
  • How long does it normally take?
    The assessment will vary based on the size, structure and upgrades. It is recommended that you allow for 5-6 hours.  
  • What is included in the assessment?
    Included is a free home assessment to determine program eligibility, diagnostic testing for air and duct sealing, installation of all or some energy saving products such as blown in attic insulation, LED light bulbs, energy efficient faucet aerators and energy efficient shower heads.
  • Do I have to be home during the home energy audit?
    Yes. An adult over the age of 18 must be present during the assessment. 
  • Who are the professional contractors?
    The weatherization contractors approved to work on behalf of the program hold current BPI, RESNET or HERs certificates. Approved contractors have submitted required documentation such as a valid W9, tax ID, state licenses and proof of insurance.
  • Are home energy audits being conducted during the pandemic?
    Yes. The program is voluntary to customers, and we encourage contractors to follow CDC guidelines and safe practices. Cleco Power is monitoring the program and following the recommendations of governing authorities and can opt to pause the program to ensure the safety of customers, employees, contractors and community.   

Cleco Power Wise™ Rebates.
When it comes to replacing large appliances, there are many options. Power Wise makes it easy and even offers rebates for purchasing energy efficient appliances. 

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LED Bulbs
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Beware of Phantom Power
Phantom power describes electricity used by appliances and electronics left plugged in when they are turned off or not being used. Unplug!

Seal your Home's Envelope (Attic, Air & Duct Sealing)
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