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The Weatherization Program is an on-site assessment of your residence by professional Cleco-approved contractors to make it more energy efficient and improve your comfort level. There are zero out-of-pocket costs unless you request additional measures not covered in the assessment. You may contact the contractor directly to schedule your assessment or complete the form below!

Frequently asked questions are located here.

Power Wise On-Site Residential Weatherization Assessment

Registration Form

Can be found on your bill in the Billing Details section.

Time Frame

A Cleco Power Wise approved contractor will be contacting you within 3 - 6 business days to follow up and see if your residence qualifies.  The weatherization assessment will vary based on the size, structure and upgrades.  In some instances you may be placed on a waiting list dependent on the contractor's availability and/or program funding.

For more information about this and other energy efficiency programs, visit or email [email protected].  This offer is exclusive to Cleco residential customers; however, renters must obtain permission from their landlord.  If the dwelling is a multifamily home, like an apartment building, there must be five or more on-site assessments scheduled to take place. Residences must be two years old or older.