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Cleco Power's base rates are reviewed and approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, the state regulatory agency for utilities in the state. All customers are billed based on a rate code, which is determined by the type of service being provided. For example, residential customers will see the "RES" rate code on their bills, which means residential electric service. If a customer receives outdoor lighting, the rate code on the bill will be "OLS," which means outdoor lighting service. The rate code(s) is listed under the section of the bill with the heading “Billing Charges."

Cleco's rate codes and descriptions are listed below on a rate schedule, along with a rider schedule (modifications to a rate schedule), adjustment clause and other related documents.


  • Customer Charge - Fixed costs of providing service to each classification of customer (residential, commercial, etc.).
    Residential - $9
    Residential on Time of Use Choice or Touch Program - $10
    Commercial Non-Demand - $15
    Commercial with Demand - $25

  • Deposit - Fee required to turn on electric service. Cleco Power pays five percent interest monthly on deposits held for six months or more.  The payment is made in the form of a bill credit.
    Deposits are $100 for homeowners and $150 for renters. However, if a customer falls into a higher risk category,* a deposit that is equal to or double the highest bill for a location may be required.
    *Cleco contracts with a third party, ONLINE Utilities Exchange, to provide customer identity verification and to render a deposit decision based on a customer's credit file. ONLINE Utilities Exchange consumer inquiries may be made by calling (800) 286-2487.
    Minimum deposit for commercial customers is $250.

  • Connection - Fee to cover the cost of making service available.
    During regular working hours - $25
    After hours (after 4:30 p.m.) - $60

  • Re-connection - If power is disconnected for nonpayment, customers will be required to pay their past-due bill plus a re-connect charge before power can be turned back on.  Customer also will be billed an additional deposit of $100.
    During regular working hours - $30
    After hours (after 4:30 p.m.) - $65 

  • Late payment - If a bill is not paid by the due date, the customer will be assessed a late payment charge. The charge is five percent of the amount due for the first $1,000 and two percent on any amount over $1,000.

  • Non-sufficient fund check - A fee is charged for handling and collecting returned checks.
    The charge is $25 or five percent of the face value of the original check, whichever is greater.

  • Verification of meter reading (re-read) - Customers may request one meter read verification at no cost per calendar year. A fee of $12 is billed for any additional verification of meter readings in the same calendar year.

  • Meter test  - Customers may request one meter read test at no cost per calendar year. A fee of $20 is billed for any additional meter read tests in the same calendar year.

  • Meter re-seal - A service fee of $20 is assessed to re-seal a meter seal cut by the customer.

  • Meter tampering - Fee is assessed for electricity diversion or meter tampering. This is to offset the cost associated with investigating and re-billing the tampered account.
    First tampering offense - $100
    Second tampering offense - $200
    Third tampering offense - $500

  • Customer problem - Fee is assessed if Cleco Power dispatches a truck and technician to investigate an electrical problem that turns out to be on the customer's side of the meter.
    During regular working hours - $25
    After hours (after 4:30 p.m.) - $50