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Utility companies, including cable, telephone and internet providers, jointly use the same set of poles to preserve space and serve customers efficiently. As a result, communication between utility pole owners and attachers is important to ensure smooth joint use operations.

Cleco’s Joint Use Management group is responsible for the management, design, construction, regulatory, legal and contractual oversight of all third-party attachments on Cleco’s utility poles. The group ensures consistency in Cleco’s assets so that all parties are treated equitably, assigned appropriate costs and held accountable for actions that might negatively impact the safety and reliability of Cleco’s electric distribution system.

All applications are available below to download. Once the application form is completed, please email the form and the required documents to [email protected]. There is a $250 application fee* and a 50-pole limit for each application.


The application fee will be invoiced after the pre-survey engineering and design has been completed and must be paid before the final construction permit is issued. 


*Application fees are reviewed quarterly. 



Overhead Construction


Cleco Power
2030 Donahue Ferry Road
P.O. Box 5000
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Attn: Novie Davidson, Cleco Power Joint Use Administrator
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