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Cleco has secured additional workers to respond to Hurricane Zeta

Zeta Storm Path
Oct 27, 2020
Some Cleco customer service offices will be closed tomorrow

Pineville, La., Oct. 27, 2020 – In addition to Cleco personnel, the company has secured additional distribution line mechanics and distribution vegetation specialists ahead of Hurricane Zeta’s expected landfall.  Zeta remains on track to make landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane in southeast Louisiana on tomorrow, according to the latest weather forecast.


“As of today, we have secured over 200 contractors to help us restore power if needed, and we’re currently working to secure additional resources.  We look at the intensity and path of a storm to estimate the number of workers we need,” said James Lass, director of distribution operations and emergency management.  “Our customers in St. Tammany and Washington parishes should be prepared for heavy rainfall, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and power outages.”

Hurricane Zeta threatens to be the fifth named storm to make landfall in Louisiana this hurricane season, joining Cristobal, Laura, Marco and Delta. 

“This has been a record-setting hurricane season.  If Hurricane Zeta continues on its current path, it will be the third hurricane to hit Cleco’s service area in less than two months,” said Lass.  “However, we’re prepared.  We prepare year-round because experience has taught us that preparation can save lives and lessen damage.  We encourage customers to make their final preparations today.”

To prepare for the storm:

  • Cleco activated its storm teams on Monday.
  • In addition to Cleco personnel, the company has secured over 200 additional workers to help restore power after Hurricane Zeta passes.
  • Cleco also has secured lodging for out-of-town workers and planned for fuel and specialized equipment like drones, off-road and high-water vehicles.

To help keep employees and customers safe, some Cleco customer service offices will be closed tomorrow. 

  • Covington, Mandeville and Slidell customer service offices will be closed Wednesday, Oct. 28.
  • Cleco has 13 customer service offices across the state.

Customers are encouraged to:

  • Prepare a storm kit.Gather supplies you might need during a power outage, including a flashlight, batteries, canned food, manual can opener, bottled water, medication and a first aid kit.
  • Clear patio furniture and other objects that could move during high winds and cause damage or injury.
  • Charge cell phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Test run portable generators.Do not connect portable generators to your electrical wiring and never operate a generator in an enclosed space like a garage.
  • If water is getting close to your home or business, turn off individual breakers and then turn off the electricity at the main breaker.
  • Remember to call 911 and Cleco at 1-800-622-6537 to report an unsafe situation involving electricity.