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Cleco Warns of Potential Icing on Lines and Limbs

Feb 2, 2011

PINEVILLE, La. – With extremely cold temperatures and possible freezing rain forecasted for Thursday and Friday, Cleco encourages all customers to prepare for potential power outages.

“Our weather forecast predicts freezing rain beginning Thursday afternoon with an average ice accumulation of up to a quarter of an inch with a few spots seeing about half an inch,” said Anthony Bunting, Cleco’s vice president of customer service and energy delivery. “The potential danger with ice accumulation is the extra weight on our lines and tree limbs. Lines can snap, and tree limbs can break and fall into our system under the weight of ice.”

While this weather forecast does not necessarily guarantee power outages, it does mean that customers should make preparations as there is a possibility for outages. If outages occur, Cleco’s line crews and contractors are on standby. The company also is operating with an adequate power supply to handle the increased electricity demand.

“All year long we prepare our system for extreme weather,” said Bunting. “We have a system maintenance program that includes tree trimming and pole inspections and replacement.”

Cleco also encourages its customers to check in with neighbors who may need help and to make plans for outside plants and animals.

If weather conditions result in downed lines, stay away and keep others away. Cleco customers should call 1-800-622-6537 or 911 to report a dangerous situation with electricity. For more electrical safety tips, visit