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Cleco celebrates Line Mechanic Appreciation Day

Apr 18, 2024

Cleco is celebrating Line Mechanic Appreciation Day and recognizing the men and women who keep customers homes and businesses powered year-round.

In 2012, Congress established April 18 as National Line Mechanic Appreciation Day to honor the heroic work that line mechanics perform every day and especially during national disasters.

Cleco has nearly 200 line mechanics that maintain over 12,000 miles of distribution lines and 1,300 miles of transmissions lines. These lines provide power to nearly 300,000 customers’ homes and businesses across Louisiana.  

“Our line mechanics represent the core of Cleco,” said Andre Guillory, chief customer officer at Cleco. “When people think of Cleco, they think about our line mechanics working in rain or extreme heat and I couldn’t be prouder of our team.”

In 2023, Cleco kept the lights on for customers 99.94 percent of the time. Cleco also met Louisiana’s reliability standards for each of the last 25 years, making them the only electric utility to do so.

“Our line mechanics are some of the hardest working employees I know,” said Clint Robichaux, director of distribution operations and reliability at Cleco. “They work around the clock, whether it is 10 degrees or 110 degrees, to make sure our customers are provided safe, reliable power.”

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