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Cleco offers a free public safety program to schools

May 5, 2014

PINEVILLE, LA. – Cleco is offering Hot Spot, its children’s safety program, to schools and organizations as a way to teach students how to be safe a round electricity. The program is available on DVD and comes with collaborative materials that help make learning fun and exciting. Cleco designed the program for students who are in the third through fifth grades.

“The Hot Spot program is a fun way to teach a serious topic,” said Gary Deville, technical training specialist. “We teach students to respect electricity, not be afraid of it. We found it is much easier to teach this valuable life lesson if students are engaged and entertained.”

Hot Spot, an interactive program, uses a game-show setting to test student’s electrical safety knowledge. Cleco’s fun-loving dog, Hot Spot, is the star of the show and assists in teaching students life-long lessons regarding electrical safety. By using an electric simulator that produces 7,620 volts of electricity, Cleco employees demonstrate how conductors and insulators react to electricity and how common objects, such as a tree limb or a ladder, can put them in a dangerous situation with electricity.

“We want students to understand the dangers of electricity so they can recognize unsafe situations and know what to do,” said Deville. “Our goal is to teach students the basic concepts of electrical safety so they can in turn teach their friends and family how to be safe. Electrical safety education is one of our highest priorities.” If a school or organization is interested in receiving the DVD, Hot Spot workbooks, and free gifts from Hot Spot, contact Cleco's corporate office at (318) 484-7400 and ask for a representative in Investor/Public Relations.