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Cleco launches two-part solar research project in New Iberia, La.

Jan 11, 2011

PINEVILLE, La. – Cleco contractors recently installed solar panels at the company’s New Iberia Service Center as part of the company’s efforts to evaluate alternative energy sources. Results from this project are expected in early 2012.

The project has two components. The largest, a set of 18 fixed-tilt mounted photovoltaic panels, is capable of producing up to 4,140 watts of power. The system will be monitored to determine the amount of power generated. Energy from the solar panels will moderately offset power requirements at the facility.

The second part of the project is a solar thermal water heating system, which uses solar energy to warm water by heat transfer. Cleco will use this system to wash and test insulated rubber gloves used by linemen when working on power lines.

“This is one of several alternative energy research projects on which we are working,” said George Bausewine, president and COO of Cleco Power. “Others include a gasification project in Crowley, a wind project in Mandeville and a geothermal project.”

According to Cleco, this and other alternative energy projects will provide information that will help determine which renewable energy sources are reliable and cost effective.