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Cleco crews headed back from northeast after assisting with restoration

Nov 9, 2011

PINEVILLE, La. - Cleco crews are heading home after leaving November 1 to assist Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) restore service after an October 29 snow and wind storm put out lights to nearly 800,000 of the utility's customers. Cleco sent 28 workers and 16 trucks to the Suffield and Enfield areas, which are north of Hartford.

"This is the second time in recent months our crews have helped restore power in the northeast after severe weather," said George Bausewine, president and COO of Cleco Power. "In August we helped in the Maryland and Delaware areas after Hurricane Irene caused damage to utility systems, and now we are pleased to have helped another utility after a rare October snow storm."

According to CL&P, all of the 149 cities the utility serves were impacted by the storm. Wet snow on tree branches caused limbs to fall into their system, causing damage to transmission lines, which are the high voltage lines that bring electricity from power plants to towns and cities.

"When storms approach, mutual assistance team leaders begin to talk about potential needs, and utilities begin to pull together workers ready to travel to lend a hand where needed," said Floyd Pittman, manager of distribution, reliability and maintenance. "Our crews did a tremendous job restoring power safely, and their work did not go unnoticed by customers who sent e-mails of thanks."