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Cleco encourages safety during the holiday season

Nov 29, 2011

Recommends lights that are economical to use

PINEVILLE, La. - With all of the distractions during the holidays, electrical safety can be overlooked as everyone rushes to wrap gifts and decorate for the season. Cleco reminds everyone to use caution as families light trees and decorate outdoors and to consider using newer, more efficient light bulbs to save money.

We should never be too busy to decorate safely,” said Anthony Bunting, vice president customer service and energy delivery. “As people climb ladders to decorate homes, watch for power lines overhead and use extension cords that are not frayed. Also, do not overload outlets or extension cords.”

Cleco recommends unplugging lights when replacing bulbs and fuses and filling all sockets with lights as empty sockets can be a danger for shock. Also, look for light emitting diode or LED lights to replace older light strands.

“LED lights generate less heat, which extends their life, and they use less energy, saving money during a time when it is needed the most,” said Bunting. “We compared the cost of 20 strands of 100 bulbs for three different types of lights used three hours a day for 30 days. The older, traditional C7 lights cost $90, mini lights cost $8.10 and LED lights cost $0.72.”

Lights come rated for outdoor or indoor use. Make sure lights are used for their intended purpose as outdoor lights are rated to stand up to harsh weather elements while maintaining safe electrical connections. Also, for outdoor lights wrap electrical tape around the connected plugs for extra protection