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Heavy rains and flooding create an immediate need for caution around power lines

Aug 15, 2016

PINEVILLE, La. – Recent heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in areas of Cleco’s service territory. Cleco reminds all customers that flooded homes can present a potential danger and caution is warranted.

Before rising waters enter the home, turn off the electricity at the main breaker and evacuate. Always turn off individual breakers before shutting down the main breaker, and never stand in water when doing so. If a home is flooded, call Cleco to turn off power to the home.

"Rains have created a stressful situation for some of our customers, and during these times, it is easy to forget basic electrical safety," said Marty Smith, general manager of safety. "Anytime there is the potential for water and electricity to mix, there is danger. We ask our customers to err on the side of caution if their homes and businesses are at risk of flooding or have flooded."

If evacuating a home is necessary, watch for downed power lines as they could be hidden by debris or fallen tree limbs. If power lines are low and hanging, stay away. Do not step in water puddles that are nearby a low-hanging or downed power line or attempt to move an object that is touching these lines.

Homes and businesses that have been flooded need to be inspected before the main breaker is re-energized. A home or business owner could need a permit before Cleco can restore power. Customers should check with city or town officials to determine if a permit is needed.