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Cleco presents electrical safety program to 800 Rapides Parish students

Nov 9, 2016

Pineville, La. – What has four legs and barks at electrical safety hazards?  It’s Hot Spot, Cleco’s fun-loving dog, who teaches students to be safe around electricity. 

Today, Cleco presented its electrical safety program to 800 Rapides Parish fourth grade students at the Alexandria Senior High auditorium. During the presentation, Hot Spot and a team of specially trained Cleco employees simulated what could happen if kids or objects they are touching come into contact with a power line.  Students learned to identify dangerous situations or “hot spots.” 

“Any time electricity comes into direct contact with you or something you are touching, Cleco calls it a ‘hot spot,’” said Jennifer Cahill, Cleco communications representative.  “For example, if you are flying a kite and that kite touches an energized power line, the electricity will flow to the ground through your body.  You could be seriously injured, or worse, it could be fatal.” 

Hot Spot and a team of Cleco employees used an electric simulator that produces 7,620 volts of electricity – the same voltage that travels on electric lines outside of a home or business – to demonstrate hazards resulting from real-life situations to fourth grade students. 

“Our research has shown that the electrical safety message is most effective with children around the ages of 10 or 11, which is why we ask that fourth grade students be included in every presentation,” said Cahill.  “It is an educational experience for the students, but also a good reminder for teachers about respecting electricity.”

For schools unable to participate in the live program, Cleco offers a DVD of the Hot Spot presentation, along with activity books and bracelets.  Please contact Cleco’s corporate communications department at [email protected] or 318.484.7400 for more information.