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Cleco Watt Matters energy-savings campaign continues with a second focus area: Turn It Off!

Jun 6, 2022
Company shares what customers can turn off to stop wasting energy

PINEVILLE, La. – June 6, 2022 – Cleco’s energy-savings campaign, Watt Matters, is a five-part series on residential programs and individual actions customers can take to use less energy and lower their monthly bills.

Turn It Off! is the second focus area of the campaign and informs customers what they can turn off to increase their energy savings.

It follows the first focus area, Replace It! which educated customers on the benefits of replacing outdated appliances and devices for those that are more energy efficient, including room air conditioners, pool pumps and smart thermostats.

Each topic is promoted in three-week increments. For the next three weeks, Cleco will encourage customers to turn off lights and appliances when not in use, including televisions, fans, laptops, tablets, cell phones and game consoles.

“Growing up, when I left a light on in an empty room, my dad would say ‘turn off that light,’” said Andre Guillory, vice president and chief customer officer. “My dad was right. Simple habits like turning off lights when you leave a room can lower your energy costs.”

Watt Matters: Turn It Off! Energy-Savings Tips
- Turn off unnecessary lights every time you leave a room, house or office.
- Turn off appliances when not in use, including televisions, fans, laptops, tablets, cell phones and games consoles.
- Use energy-saving devices such as LED bulbs, smart thermostats, smart sockets and smart power strips to reduce energy consumption. All these devices are available at
- Take Cleco’s quick online home energy audit to see where you can cut wasted energy! Visit

About Watt Matters
Watt Matters is part of Cleco’s strategy to promote proactive energy conservation and efficiency throughout the organization’s service areas as well as in Louisiana. Watt Matters provides practical solutions through five focus areas that customers can implement ahead of and during the summer season. Each topic is dispersed in three-week increments, and customers are encouraged to actively engage with the series’ multimedia offerings to save energy and money. Media resources related to the Watt Matters campaign, including energy-saving solutions, b-roll footage, logos and more can be found at