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Cleco’s Response to COVID-19 - the coronavirus

Cleco is closely monitoring COVID-19, the coronavirus, to help protect our customers, contractors, employees and the general public, as well as to maintain consistent business operations during this critical time. 

On Friday, March 13, Cleco announced the activation of its Pandemic Response Plan which includes safety guidelines to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and business practices to ensure the delivery of safe, reliable power to our customers.  

First and foremost, Cleco is practicing social distancing to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and minimize the potential outbreak from overwhelming our hospitals.  

Other measures include:  

  • Temporary suspension of electric service disconnects and late fees
  • All non-operationally critical employees are working remotely from home
  • All operationally critical employees such as line mechanics and power plant workers will continue to work as usual and be closely monitored while practicing social distancing
  • All non-critical travel for Cleco business is prohibited (air travel banned)
  • No in-person gatherings of more than 10 people are allowed on Cleco work locations
  • All company meetings are being held virtually or via phone

Electricity is as essential as it has ever been.  As the coronavirus impacts our service areas, we are working to ensure our customers’ power needs continue to be met while doing our part to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.   As this is an ever changing situation, the company will continue to evaluate its response and follow the lead of local, state and federal agencies.

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