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Building a new home? Customers who build Power Miser certified homes are eligible for rebates and a 10 percent discount on their electric utility bills from November through April for the first five years in the home.

To participate in the Power Miser Home Program, your new home must be built to Power Miser standards listed below.

After the home is complete, the customer must submit a Power Miser Verification Form to receive the 10 percent discount on their Cleco bill. This form must be sent to Cleco within 60 days of home completion. A signature is required. Please print this form, fill it out and mail it to us at the following address:

Cleco Power
Power Miser Home Program
1530 Dove Park Road
Mandeville, LA 70443

Standards for Qualification: All HVAC and water heating must be electric.

  • Home must receive electric service from Cleco.
  • Electric heating and cooling must have the following:
    • Heat pump (SEER of 14 or greater) or high efficiency air conditioning (*SEER of 14 or greater) with resistance heat
    • Ductwork fully insulated with branch duct R-6 and plenum R-4
    • If metal ductworks are used, install 2" of foil-backed or vinyl-backed insulation.
  • Insulation with these R-Values:
    • Ceiling - minimum R-30 (R-21 acceptable if cathedral or vaulted ceiling; R-19 required in knee-wall area)
    • Exterior Wall Cavity - minimum R-13
    • Floors (other than slab) - minimum R-13
  • Seal sole plate, windows, doors and any other openings into conditioned space.
  • Exterior doors with weather-stripping:
    • Metal insulated
    • Solid core wood
    • Fiberglass insulated
    • Double-pane glass door
  • Ventilation:
    • Adequate attic ventilation utilizing ridge vent, wind or power turbine or gable vent and soffit vent. Unventilated attics are acceptable.
  • Kitchen and laundry equipment must be all-electric, although gas ranges and dryers are acceptable.

Homes with distinctive features, and/or characteristics may qualify as by meeting standards 1-5 and having an acceptable cooling requirement (maximum Heat Gain, 16 BTU/hour per sq. ft. of conditioned area).

*Only homes with a qualified heat pump are eligible for a $1,000 rebate.