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Cleco gearing up for Hurricane Nate

Oct 7, 2017

Pineville, La. – In advance of Hurricane Nate, over 500 Cleco workers and contractors arrived in St. Tammany Parish this afternoon, joining the 100 Cleco workers already stationed in the area. 

“We anticipate weather conditions to begin deteriorating later this afternoon,” said James Lass, general manager of distribution operations and emergency management.  “Cleco crews, along with contractor crews, stand ready to respond to possible weather related outages.” 

Cleco reminds customers to remain vigilant to ever-changing weather conditions.  In the event of flooding, remember to never try to walk, swim or drive through water.  If you come upon flood waters, stop, turn around and go another way. 

For additional storm safety tips, please visit or Cleco’s Facebook page at