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Cleco offers cold weather tips

Jan 28, 2019

PINEVILLE, La. – Unusually low temperatures are expected overnight across Louisiana bringing with it the possibility for ice and snow.  This weather event has the potential to lead to an increase in the demand for electricity, as well as the potential for hazardous conditions.

“The lower the temperature is outside, the harder a heating system has to work, and the more energy it requires to keep your home warm,” said Hammad Chaudhry, Cleco Power Wise™ program manager. “During the winter months, customers should set their thermostats no higher than 68 degrees, if their comfort allows, for maximum efficiency.”

In addition to lowering the thermostat, customers also can conserve energy by checking the temperature on water heaters. Experts recommend setting the water heater’s thermostat at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and wrapping electric water heaters and all exposed pipes.

“With lower temperatures, customers often resort to using space heaters in an effort to warm their homes,” said John Melancon, Cleco manager of corporate safety. “If you’re using a space heater, make sure the plug isn’t frayed or torn, as it could start a fire. Also, keep the heater away from anything that can burn, including papers, clothing and rugs.”

For more conservation and energy efficiency tips, visit Energy Efficiency and take advantage of Cleco’s energy efficiency program, Power Wise™ and follow Cleco on Facebook at @ClecoPower.