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As the wildfires and threat of wildfires continue to increase across Louisiana, Cleco is focused on keeping communities safe while maintaining a reliable power supply.

Aug 24, 2023
In this effort, the company is adjusting operations to protect you and your power.

These adjustments include:
• Air patrolling lines in high-risk areas to identify potential hazards.
• Suspending vegetation management in medium to high-risk areas.
• Suspending work that is not an emergency or essential to safely serving customers.
• Restricting motorized vehicle/equipment from traveling right-of-way areas unless essential or an emergency.
• Monitoring wildfire activity, coordinating with local fire authorities and temporarily de-energizing high-voltage lines that are in the path of an impending wildfire. 

Our priority is the safety of our customers and communities. As we take these safety precautions, there is a possibility that customers could experience temporary outages, and as a precautionary measure, we will manually patrol lines before restoring power which could lead to prolonged restoration times.

Cleco is working closely with state and local emergency response agencies to ensure customers and communities remain safe during this threat, while balancing the delivery of safe, reliable power.

In the event of an uncontrolled fire threatening Cleco’s infrastructure, the company will monitor the projected path of the fire, assess its proximity to our assets, and proactively de-energize parts of our system to avoid exacerbating the situation.  

We ask our customers to follow the statewide burn ban, properly dispose of cigarettes and avoid outdoor activities that involve lighting fires.