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Area utilities experiencing heavy demand, issue conservation plea in Acadiana region

Jun 17, 2010

Electric utilities in the Acadiana region are currently experiencing heavy demand for electricity which is causing congestion on the transmission system in the Acadiana area. Because of the increased demand, the regulatory authority over the transmission system may direct the utilities to interrupt customers' electric service temporarily.
The companies are urging customers to conserve energy by reducing their usage. The most effective conservation measure customers can take is to raise the thermostat on their air conditioning unit or turn their unit off, if health permits. Also, residents can turn off household electrical appliances not required for medical purposes.

If controlled interruptions of service become necessary, electric service will be interrupted for varying periods of time to relieve overloads on the system. The utilities will only take this step as a last resort to protect the system from damage and prevent long-term, widespread power outages.

Please stay tuned to local television and radio stations for updates regarding this situation. You can also check the utilities' Web sites.

The utilities are working together on a daily basis to ensure the least number of customers are impacted if controlled interruptions of service are necessary.

Other tips to reduce power usage:

  • Customers who need air conditioning should set their thermostat at the highest comfortable temperature.

  • If possible, customers should use fans instead of air conditioners.

  • Don't use major appliances such as electric dryers, ranges, washing machines and dehumidifiers. If necessary, use during night-time hours.

  • Close blinds, drapes and curtains during the heat of the day.

  • Turn off unnecessary lights and refrain from using computers.

For additional ways to conserve energy during the summer, please visit the utilities' Web sites at,,, and