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Cleco kicks off fan drive to help elderly

May 23, 2012

Fans help manage electricity use

PINEVILLE, La. – This week, Cleco kicks off its annual fan drive for the elderly.  Staying cool during the hot summer months can be a challenge for those on a fixed income. For the elderly, the heat can be deadly. Fans are a great way to help control electricity use and stay cool.

“Our employees are focused on helping our customers in need, and we are proud of their donations and efforts,” said Shirley Turner, general manager of customer experience. “Each year, we work to purchase fans for the elderly to use during the summer. So many times they are faced with limited funds.  Fans make the air feel cooler and allow homeowners to keep their thermostat at a setting that maximizes efficiency and comfort.”

Cleco will send collected fans to the councils on aging and other social service agencies in its service territory for distribution in late June. 
“Fans are not the only way to manage electricity use,” said Turner. “Closing blinds to block the sun, using heat-generating appliances like dryers late in the evening and cooking outside are just a few suggestions to keep homes cooler.”

For 12 consecutive years, Cleco has been holding its fan drive to help those in need. Each year, Cleco has delivered at least 1,000 fans to area agencies for distribution.